There are many places to sell diamonds in Atlanta, but they’re not all the same. People often assume they can just go down to their local pawnshop or jewelry store and do perfectly fine in terms of price and expedience. With so many online options, some prefer to simply sell their diamond ring or necklace from the comfort of home. While these are all viable choices, they’re not necessarily the same. It’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option before you make a final decision.Oval Diamond Ring


A pawnshop probably sounds convenient. After all, they purchase a wide variety of merchandise. Of course, this includes old guitars and televisions, so they’re not exactly specialists when it comes to jewelry. This is one of the key issues. A pawnbroker or pawnshop is always going to offer you the absolute lowest price possible. They don’t have an established customer base when it comes to jewelry the way an actual jewelry store does.

One bonus is that you don’t have to part with your jewelry permanently. At a jewelry store or online seller, once your diamond ring has been sold, it’s gone for good. Pawnshops offer loans. If the loan is paid off in time, you do get your jewelry back. If a small, quick loan is all you need, a pawnshop is fine. Otherwise, you’re better served looking somewhere else.

Jewelry Stores

Many people assume jewelry should be sold to a jewelry store, and there are some benefits to this. Jewelry stores tend to stay on top of changes in the market, so they’re knowledgeable when it comes to what is and isn’t selling. Additionally, they have an established presence in the local community and have contacts in the area. This is especially true if you’re working with a well-known and active jewelry store.

Of course, a jewelry store is still going to try and make money. You’re not going to get anywhere near the retail price when it comes to your offer. This is why it’s usually a good idea to get your diamond jewelry appraised before you visit any possible buyer. Color, cut, clarity, and carat weight are the main considerations that are taken into account when it comes to a diamond. The metal will also be a factor, whether it’s gold, silver, or platinum. Having an appraisal gives you an initial number to keep in mind. If you work with a jewelry store, you obviously don’t have to take the first offer. Get a few offers before you make a decision. Otherwise, you may be better off with an online option.

Online Buyers

Not all online stores are created equally. Sites like eBay and Etsy don’t specialize in jewelry. When people are shopping on these sorts of websites, they’re generally looking for a bargain. They don’t want to pay top dollar for a secondhand item. This means the prices tend to be lower by design.

Some online buyers do focus on jewelry. Online buyers that specifically focus on jewelry may be your best bet. They tend to offer fair prices, and there’s no haggling involved. The process is also fairly straightforward. Appraisals use industry-standard formulas, so there’s no guesswork required. You fill out a few forms, and a courier collects the item. It’s as easy as possible, which saves you from doing most of the work.

Trying to sell diamond jewelry in Atlanta doesn’t have to be difficult. Contact Essex Fine Jewelry at 404-481-5555 if you require assistance or if you have any questions.