Whether you have pieces you’ve outgrown, or you need a little extra cash, knowing where to sell diamond jewelry in Atlanta is the first step to a successful sale. Before you take your diamonds to a local jeweler, you’ll want to read our guide. We’ve put together everything you need to know about selling your diamond jewelry.

Get to Know Your Diamonds

Diamond ringBefore you sell your diamonds, gather as much information about them as possible. Diamond wedding rings often come with documentation. The more details you can put together, the better chance you have of receiving a reasonable price when you sell. Your potential buyer will want to know about the 4 Cs: cut, color, clarity, and carats.

Learn about the Setting

While some people have loose diamonds they’d like to sell, most have diamonds set in a piece of jewelry. While the 4 Cs carry a lot of weight when it comes to your sale, the buyer will also want to know about the setting as it does impact not only the value but the desirability of your pieces. If you can provide information about the material, condition, and age of the setting, it can give the buyer a better idea of the value of your diamond jewelry.

Should You Have Your Diamonds Appraised?

You might wonder if you should pay for a formal appraisal of your jewelry. There are occasions where an appraisal makes sense. If you have a feeling the diamonds you want to sell are worth at least $2,000 or more, feel free to take them a professional appraiser. Let the appraiser know you’re interested in selling your jewelry rather than getting it insured. You want a realistic estimate of the resale value of your diamonds.

The Informal Appraisal

Sometimes paying for an appraisal isn’t feasible. You can still get an estimated value for your diamond necklaces, rings, and other pieces. Take them to a local fine jewelry store. The store’s jeweler can perform an informal appraisal. They’ll look at the quality, condition, and setting, which helps them provide you with a general idea of what they’re worth.

Sell Your Diamonds to a Fine Jewelry Dealer

One of the best places you go to sell your diamond jewelry is a fine jewelry dealer. Working with a representative at a fine jewelry store puts a personal touch on the entire experience. After all, even though you’re hoping to sell your pieces, many of them still have sentimental value to you. Usually, you can take your diamonds into the jewelry store and take care of your transaction the same day. When you do business with a fine jewelry dealer, you enjoy another advantage. Many dealers employ their own professional appraiser, who will give careful attention to your diamonds to ensure you get a fair price.

Make a Good First Impression

Before you sell diamond jewelry in Atlanta, you’ll want to spend some time preparing your pieces. Consider taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler first. Let them clean your pieces and inspect the setting for loose prongs. All jewelry makes a better presentation when it’s clean and sparkly. While you can undoubtedly clean the jewelry yourself, make sure you’re confident that you know how to clean it without causing damage. For a memorable experience selling your diamonds, visit Essex Fine Jewelry at our showroom in Atlanta. Call 404-869-2099 for hours and directions.