Something that has not gone away with the switch to virtual gatherings is our love of jewelry. It makes us feel good to put on stylish pieces and staying on trend is fun in person or in a Zoom conference. Here’s a look at some great necklace styles as we close out 2020 and head into 2021.


A trend that’s been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere is pearls. Classic single strands, diamond accented chokers, pendants created with a cluster of different shapes and sizes; this stone is versatile enough for every wardrobe. We love all the different ways designers are using pearls in contemporary pieces.

Big Links

Chunky chains with big links are everywhere this season. These oversized looks can be found in gold, silver, lucite, and more. Choose a glittery style for evening or a big link gold choker to pull together an outfit for work.


Has a diamond necklace ever been out of style? We don’t think so. Choose any style—from a single stone to a disc pendant, or even a shimmering tennis necklace and let your outfits bask in the glow of this perennial favorite. Style definitely determines use with this one—a single small stone pendant goes with everything, but that tennis necklace is going to overwhelm a hoodie.


We love the elegant scatter of a charm necklace, and so does everyone else right now. Charms are personal by nature and how they are worn is as individual as the charms themselves. Multiple charms on a single chain or layering individual charm necklaces are both great for bringing a dash of personality to any outfit, from casual to formal.

Statement Chokers

Zoom calls are a lot more interesting when we can see a few oversized statement chokers. Studded, sparkling, velvet, or featuring a single large centerpiece, these attention grabbers can brighten up a casual outfit or add some polish to a work sweater. For people who aren’t looking for quite such a huge statement, a pearl choker with some modern touches whispers rather than shouts.

Colorful Stones

Precious, semi-precious, and fashion stones are all in style, the more colorful the better. Large colored stones look fantastic on a Statement Choker or as a pendant, while smaller stones clustered together can bring some cheer to even the most neutral office look. Necklaces with lots of brightly colored stones look amazing with a little black dress.


Beaded beauties, in single strands or multiple, twisted styles are hot right now. Pair colorful beaded necklaces with your neutrals for a pop of color at an affordable price. Beaded necklaces are particularly versatile, coming in a huge range of colors, lengths, styles, and prices.


We don’t think a classic initial necklace ever goes out of style. But there are ways to do them that feel very modern and fresh. Engraved initials on unexpected surfaces like vintage coins and diamond or gemstone encrusted letters look fantastic. But so does a traditional initial charm mixed into a charm necklace, or looped into a strand of pearls.