You want your diamonds to dazzle, your gold to gleam, and your silver to shine. Unfortunately, like everything else, luxury diamond and gemstone earrings can become dirty and dull — definitely not the look you’re going for.

To keep your earrings looking jazzy and snazzy, read on to learn how to clean diamond earrings and care for them properly.

Protect Your Jewelry

As good old Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and it’s true even when it comes to luxury jewelry. As the hardest naturally occurring substance found on Earth, diamonds can generally stand up to whatever you throw at them. However, other gemstones are not so sturdy and even diamonds can start to show wear under certain types of treatment.

Don’t wear your jewelry when you’ll be engaging in rough activities or while checking tasks off your to-do list. Never wear your diamond earrings to go swimming or in the shower. You don’t need to dazzle a crowd while doing mundane activities and it isn’t worth the possible damage.

Furthermore, metals will tarnish faster if exposed to chemicals or a lot of moisture. Don’t handle your diamond earrings and other luxury jewelry pieces soon after putting lotion on your hands and avoid getting makeup and other substances on your jewelry.

If you’re going to spritz some perfume on your neck, do it before you put on your earrings or be careful to avoid getting perfume on them. Lastly, toss a couple of those little packets of desiccant in your jewelry box to help keep the humidity down and protect your gorgeous pieces from tarnishing while in storage.

How to Clean Diamond Earrings

Despite your best efforts, at some point your jewelry will need to be cleaned. Thankfully, cleaning diamond jewelry is pretty simple.

Dilute ¼ cup ammonia in 1 cup of lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can use a mild dish detergent if you prefer.

Allow your earrings to sit in the solution for 20-30 minutes. Remove the jewelry from the solution and gently brush it with a soft toothbrush. This will dislodge any dirt and debris still present on the earrings. Be careful not to scrub too hard to avoid damaging the settings and possibly dislodging the diamonds.

Once the piece has been thoroughly cleaned, rinse the solution away with warm water and pat it dry with a soft cloth. Be sure to thoroughly dry the piece as air drying can leave unsightly water spots on the metal.

Elegant Earrings for the Win

Nothing makes you feel like a million bucks more than a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings sparkling next to your smile. However, dusty, tarnished jewelry is not a good look. Thankfully learning how to clean earrings is pretty simple and you can keep the ugliness away by following these simple care tips.

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