Men’s fashion has been evolving very rapidly in the past few years. As for wearing jewelry, a lot of men have adopted it into their personal style. Wearing a necklace adds dimension to one’s style and offers a sleek, elevated way to accessorize. Necklaces change the way a man’s neckline appears and draws the eye to the chest, neck, and shoulders. Thanks to their many customizable style options, necklaces are quickly becoming a staple in many men’s wardrobes.

Here are a few great men’s necklace styles.

Curb Chain Necklaces

Curb chains are one of the simplest designs of chains available. Known for having a flat, interwoven cut, these chains are very fashionable and create a band-like effect when worn thanks to their lay-flat appearance. They are usually worn without an attached pendant.

Rope Chain Necklaces

Rope chains are one of the most popular men’s necklace styles in the world. Made famous by rappers, this chain is a lot like a rope in its structure. It is powerful and durable, with a look that most people are very proud of when they wear. Thin rope chain necklaces are a more subtle option and are worn by a lot of businesspeople as well.

Wheat Chain Necklaces

Wheat Chain necklaces are a very sophisticated type of patterned necklaces intertwined into a wheat stalk-like stretch of metal elements. Designed with a very symmetrical standpoint and for maximal space consumption, these chains are quite fashionable to wear alongside any clothing choice. However, they are a unique set, and anyone who wears them will stand out in a crowd.

Box Chain Necklaces

Box chains are quite similar to the chain of a bicycle in structure. However, they are also one of the classiest pieces of jewelry a man can wear. Box chain necklaces are different from most other men’s necklaces on this list because they are more geometric than other options. Their square styling adds a confident edge through their quadrilateral design and are an eye-catching statement piece to wear with any ensemble.

Figaro Chain Necklaces

Figaro chain necklaces were created in Italy. These resemble the curb chain in many respects but are different due to a long chain element after every three smaller elements. That pattern recurring throughout the chain usually gives it its signature look. Figaro men’s necklaces are often worn without a pendant but can be customized to add pendants, depending on your personal style.

Bead Chain Necklaces

Bead chain necklaces are an uncommon men’s necklace style that has beads instead of a metal pattern as units. Usually woven with independent bead units, bead chain necklaces are each a reflection of the wearer. They are typically made of small beads of wood or rock. Sometimes even other materials like plastic or shells are used. They can sometimes be of different colors or are of the same color throughout. They are usually spherical.

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