Oval Sapphire in White Platinum 3-Stone Engagement Ring Are you considering proposing to your significant other? How you propose can be pretty nerve-wracking. Hopefully, you’re confident that your partner will enthusiastically say “yes” to your proposal. Once you’ve determined that, however, you’ll want to plan everything just right to ensure it’s a romantic occasion that they’ll hold dear for the rest of their life. But what to do? While you’re shopping around for diamond engagement rings in Atlanta, here are a few exciting ideas you can think about for the big event.

Sky Writing

If you’re considering something really spectacular and memorable, why not go all the way? Schedule a picnic or a hike (or any outside activity), and arrange in advance with a skywriting company to put your proposal where it belongs: in huge letters in the sky. It’s not cheap, but it’s a sure-fire way to guarantee that your loved one will be bragging about your proposal to all their friends. Check the weather in advance. You’ll want the sky to be clear so that you can make the best impression.

Treasure Hunt

Include an element of play in your proposal by planning a treasure hunt. Put together a series of clues that harken back to cherished memories or that involve riddles that appeal to your partner’s style and tastes. One of the great things about planning a treasure hunt is that while it doesn’t have to be expensive, it does take some work, which will show just how much you love him or her.

Use a Chocolate Box

Does your significant other love chocolate? Since practically everyone in the world loves chocolate, the answer is likely yes. After you’re done your shopping for engagement rings in Atlanta, put that special ring in a box of chocolate. By the way, you probably shouldn’t put the chocolate inside a chocolate. No one wants to break a tooth on their proposal day.

During a Romantic Vacation

Proposals during weekend getaways or romantic vacations are extremely common, and why not? You’re already in a good mood, and both of you are relaxed and enjoying each other’s company. Plan a couple’s getaway without telling your partner what you’ve got planned. Then, during a night out at a restaurant or a walk on the beach, pop the question. It’s hard to get more romantic than that.

At the Scene of Your First Date

There’s always an occasion to revisit your first date that doesn’t give away the fact that you’re making a proposal. Perhaps it’s the anniversary of your first date or your partner’s birthday. Whatever the occasion, returning to the scene of the crime (as it were) is a great chance to reminisce about your feelings from that first night and why your partner means so much to you. Once they get a little misty-eyed, present the ring. This may be known as your most romantic vacation of all time.

The best way to pull off a successful proposal is by topping it off with a stunning engagement ring. When you’re ready to make the commitment, visit Essex Fine Jewelry. We’re one of the top places to buy engagement rings in Atlanta, and you’re sure to find something your partner will love. Visit us or give us a call today at (404) 481-5555.