Choosing gold jewelry is an exciting experience whether you are buying a watch, earrings, or a beautiful ring. The pieces you choose reflect your personal style and taste so the details matter.

One of the details you need to decide on is which type of gold you want. Each type has differences in care and quality so to help you choose here’s our guide to gold types.


Yellow Gold

This is the type you will instantly think of when you are looking for gold jewelry.  This is the purest type and therefore the most expensive.  Yellow gold is made of pure gold mixed with silver, copper, and zinc.

Why choose it?

  • This is an excellent choice for those looking for a hypoallergenic option due to its high gold content.
  • Yellow gold is particularly beautiful on olive and darker skin tones.
  • It has the purest color and is a timeless classic.


White Gold

White gold has become a really popular choice, especially for engagement and wedding rings with its clean and pretty chrome finish.  White gold is made by mixing gold and platinum or gold, palladium, nickel, and zinc.

Why choose it?

  • This type is more scratch-resistant than yellow gold so a good option if you will be wearing the jewelry frequently.
  • White gold is a more affordable option than yellow gold if you are choosing with a budget in mind.
  • If you generally favor silver jewelry, white gold will give you the durability that silver can’t.


Rose Gold

Rose gold, also known as pink gold, is often thought of as a modern color but actually has origins in the early nineteenth century.  Rose gold is alloyed with gold, silver, and copper.  It is not hypoallergenic due to its copper content.

Why choose it?

  • Rose gold is the most affordable option of all the types
  • This type of gold is also the most durable so a good choice if you will be wearing the jewelry every day.
  • Rose gold works well with contemporary designs and suits many skin tones.


Green Gold

Green gold is given its appearance through a mix of gold and silver although sometimes nickel is added to give those two soft metals some durability.  Keep green gold for special occasions rather than everyday use.

Why choose it?

  • That subtle hue of green makes it that little bit different from regular choices of gold types.
  • When you wear green gold together with items made from other types of gold, its difference (and beauty) really stands out. Think of a wrist dressed with gold bands in each color or a set of rings.
  • It’s an unconventional choice, perfect for an unconventional person.


Caring for your gold jewelry

If you’ve spent precious time and money on choosing gold jewelry, it is important to take care of it so that it lasts a lifetime.  Here’s our advice on keeping your gold in great condition.

  • Gold is a soft metal and susceptible to scratches and dents. Make sure to remove gold jewelry before playing contact sports and doing physical work.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals including chlorine. Chlorine can weaken the metal and cleaning chemicals will affect the finish.  Take your rings off or wear rubber gloves before you start work in the house and garden.
  • To care for your gold jewelry wipe it each night with a soft jewelry cloth to remove any residue from the day.
  • Regularly clean your gold in a jewelry dip.
  • Avoid allowing your gold jewelry to rub against other metals or objects, particularly rose gold which can have rhodium plating, and be worn away more quickly.
  • Remove your gold jewelry before showering and applying lotions and perfume. Moisture and some ingredients in your products can harm the metal.
  • Store your gold jewelry separately, in a pouch or soft cloth, to keep them from getting scratched or damaged by other items in your collection.


Whatever the type of gold you choose, it will be a decision made with both your heart and your head.  But your heart will probably win.  Whether you are buying a future heirloom, a gift for your loved one, or marking a special occasion, gold jewelry will bring joy for a lifetime.

If our guide to gold types has helped clarify the right type for you, come and see us for inspiration or talk to us about a bespoke design in your choice of gold type.