Fashion trends come and go. Some, such as the little black cocktail dress, seem almost timeless. Engagement rings styles have changed over the years too. What was popular when your mother and grandmothers married may or may not appeal to brides today. Like Coco Chanel’s little black dress, some engagement and wedding jewelry designs are also considered timeless. When you’re ready to buy diamonds in Atlanta, you’ll want to know all about current engagement ring trends. Read on and explore the diamond shapes brides are wearing in 2020.

Love Is a Round Solitaire Diamond

Oval ringJewelers cut round diamonds with the sparkle factor in mind. Beyond the sparkle, round solitaire diamonds speak the language of timeless perfection. Round diamonds, renowned for their shape, a perfect circle, are also loved for their fiery brilliance. They look beautiful in any setting. A round diamond engagement ring is elegant and stunning; it’s a timeless choice for 2020! If you’re looking to buy wedding rings online, there’s something to remember about round diamonds. There’s a difference between the normal, or old European cut, and the brilliant round cut diamond. You’ll want to see the two side by side to make a comparison.

Are Oval Cut Diamonds the New Round?

Another diamond shape that has stood the test of time is the oval cut. Oval diamonds put a modern spin on a traditional round diamond shape. They have the same sparkle, but you’ll enjoy more variety when it comes to the shape of your oval center stone. Ask your jeweler to see both long, slender oval-shaped diamonds and rings with fuller and wider stones. If you’re looking for a more personalized ring, consider this shape! Another reason oval diamonds have risen in popularity is they look bigger than their weight. Their shape makes them appear longer than round diamonds of the same carat weight. In a world seemingly dominated by round diamonds, oval engagement rings are rarer. Who wouldn’t feel special gazing at their ring finger all decked out in a unique set of engagement and wedding rings?

A Rose by Any Other Name

Are you an old soul? If the idea of a vintage ring makes your heart sing, you’ll love a rose-cut diamond. First made popular during the 1500s, Georgian and Victorian grooms also presented their brides with this stunning stone. A rose-cut diamond is almost transparent due to the flat bottom. They also have fewer facets than round or oval-shaped diamonds. These characteristics help them look lovely in candlelight. For a classic look, select a white rose-cut diamond. If you’re hoping for a unique look to your engagement ring, consider one of the stunning rose-cut diamonds in champagne or black.

Blend Classic with Unique

Not every bride wants to wear a traditional ring. That doesn’t mean you can’t marry classic elements with a unique twist. Why not break with tradition by designing a ring with a unique-shaped diamond? In 2020, brides are choosing from a variety of exciting diamond shapes for unique engagement and wedding rings, including:

  • Tapered baguette
  • Half-moon
  • Trapezoid
  • Trilliant
  • Bullet
  • Carre
  • French

Whether you’re dreaming of a classic round diamond or you’re looking for something that reveals your unique personality and taste, Essex Fine Jewelry is the preferred place to buy wedding rings in Atlanta! We love helping our clients in-person, but you can also take advantage of our online jewelry store. Contact us today and let our jewelry specialists help you choose the most important ring you’ll ever wear.