Once upon a time watches may have been designed to keep track of time, but they are no longer just time-keeping devices. Watches have become an essential accessory for both men and women. A good-looking watch adds to your charm and represents your taste in fashion. But finding a good watch, one that suits you and reflects your personality, is not that easy. There are thousands, if not millions of products out there, hundreds of brands, and various price ranges.

Watches are one of those accessories where the brand name often matters in terms of quality and reputation, so you should always go for the best brands within your price range. Here are a few watch brands that you especially need to keep an eye on, as their watches are truly timeless pieces.


Founded in 1905, Rolex is considered the best watch brand, and rightly so, as there is no doubt about the quality of Rolex watches. They are made of premium grade materials designed to be durable, long-lasting, and incredibly stylish.

Of course, excellence always has a price, and Rolex watches can be expensive. Their lowest-priced model – the Oyster Perpetual, is priced at about $6000, and the price for their top models will be a lot higher. If the cost isn’t a problem for you, and if you still haven’t owned a Rolex yet, then you should absolutely get yourself a classic Rolex piece!

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is one of the rare brands where you get luxury watches for a more reasonable price. You can find many of their models that are priced less than $3000, so if you want a luxury watch from a reputed brand for a lower price than most other luxury brands, then Tag Heuer is the best choice right away.

Tag Heuer watches are very stylish and vary in design, from classic leather straps to sporty metal straps. Whether you want to go for something simple and elegant or for a loud and bold look, you can find it all at Tag Heuer and for a price many can’t refuse.


Seiko is a well-known Japanese brand and has an excellent reputation as one of the best watch manufacturers in the world. They are not just limited to luxury watches but also have a lot of cheaper models, which offer the best build and features for their price range. So, you can find a really affordable Seiko watch as well as more expensive high-end models. That is one of the great things about Seiko.

Even Seiko’s luxury models are still priced much lower than Swiss Brands. But it doesn’t imply that Seiko lacks in quality, as their watches are highly durable and the designs are really stylish. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and find something comparable to Rolex while costing half of what Rolex costs, then Seiko watches are just what you need.

These are the top three watch brands you should look out for the next time you plan to get yourself a new timepiece. The price range for these brands varies accordingly, with Rolex being very expensive and Seiko being budget-friendly, and Tag Heuer somewhere in between. These brands offer you the perfect blend of price, quality, and unmatched style.

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