When you picture a diamond, the first thing that comes to mind is the round diamond shape. It’s without a doubt the most popular one. But, when you want something with a unique style and taste, that’s where different diamond cuts come into play.

We know how important it is to get the diamond shape of your dreams. After all, the final piece has to look breathtaking. If you want to know more about types of diamond cuts, you’re in for a treat! Our best jewelry experts have prepared a comprehensive list of the various diamonds in Atlanta you can find. So, let’s get right to answering what are the different diamond cuts.

What Are the Different Diamond Cuts?

A lot of people want to know what the different diamond cuts are. But, to figure out the types of diamond cuts, you need to start from the basics. In order to use the diamond gemstone to its full potential, our professional diamond cutters will use a range of symmetrical arrangements to modify the appearance and shape of the diamond crystal.

So, when they do choose a cut, they have to think about the size and shape of the crystal. Other than the basic round diamond cut, the most popular cuts are:

  • Heart
  • Cushion
  • Princess
  • Pear
  • Marquise
  • Emerald

Want to know more? Take a look at the benefits of all diamonds Atlanta cuts below.


A heart-shaped diamond is often 15% to 20% cheaper than a round cut. However, it has a similar carat weight, color, and clarity. So, if you want a bigger diamond with a gorgeous cut, the heart cut is a perfect pick.


The cushion-cut diamond is a classic and timeless piece, like our 14k White Gold Halo Setting with .96 Carat Cushion Cut Center Diamond J/I1. The shape is soft and luxurious, which makes for a solid engagement ring.


Princess diamonds must have prongs on each corner of the cut to protect the stone from chipping. These prongs are what make it a durable product that won’t disappoint.


The pear-cut diamond is unique, just like our 14k White Gold Prong Setting with 3.08 Pear Center Cut Diamond F/VVS2. Because of its distinctive tampered and long shape, it makes your fingers appear slimmer. It is a diverse product that really stands out.


The elliptical design of the marquise cut truly creates a masterpiece. But, one of its key advantages is that the cut will maximize the carat weight. As a result, your accessory looks bigger than it actually is. This is what we call a fancy illusion.


Take a look at our 18k White Gold Halo Setting with 2.29 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond J/VS1. With the emerald cut, you get deep clarity and a big surface. In other words, it is a prominent design with a gorgeous shape, clarity, quality, and color.

That’s it! Now you know a little bit more about diamond cuts. Want to find more accessories with just the right cut? Then contact our local fine jewelry experts at Essex Fine Jewelry at 404-481-5555. Feel free to take a look at our collection on our website, we have some of the best diamonds Atlanta has ever seen.