Which is the best Karat?

A Karat divides gold into 24 parts. One Karat means one gold part and 23 parts of other metals. In this way, a 24 Karat is the best because it contains pure gold without alloy metals. However, pure gold is of no use in jewelry because of its softness. Silver, Zinc, and Copper are some of the alloy metals used in making gold jewelry. Traditionally, jewelry manufacturing companies use 24K, 22K, 18K, 14K, or 10K gold only. If you intend to buy jewelry, Essex should be your top choice because of gold availability in all Karats.


Does A Higher Karat Mean Higher Quality Gold?

Most people think that higher Karat means high-quality gold, which is a wrong way to look at it. A 24 Karat gold is also not high-quality gold. It only means more gold and is, therefore, more valuable. However, the use of pure gold is rare in making jewelry because of its softness. Gold blended with base metals is stronger and used in making durable jewelry. The 18K gold is the most commonly used in jewelry. It means that jewelry available in the markets has 18 parts gold and six parts of base metals. As a result, it’s relatively cheaper and more durable.


How to Identify Real Gold

There are many ways to test the purity of gold and identify the real one. Mostly, gold purchased from the market has a stamp or “hallmark” that details that piece. You can judge the purity of the Karats in that piece of gold. Authentic gold jewelry always contains stamps that share details on the purity.

Therefore, always avoid buying jewelry without a stamp. Some jewelry manufacturing companies use percentages to explain the purity of the metal. The stamps with EPNS, EPBM, and GF indicate that the gold is not real. Buying gold from trusted sellers like Essex gives you complete peace of mind. You can also seek their help if you intend to judge the quality and purity of gold. The professionals at Essex can quickly identify the purity of the gold by applying various tests.



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