Is there anything more charming and delicate than rose gold jewelry? If you are a fan of outfits with natural colors, like beige, black, white, and navy, then you should definitely wear rose gold jewelry. You’ve seen it on the shelves, and a lot of people seem to wear it. But, behind that hype, there are many who don’t know much about it. So, what is rose gold, exactly?

What is it made of, and is it really that durable? If you can’t resist this stunning jewelry, then you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience in making personal adornments, we’ve decided to compile a practical rose gold guide.

What Is Rose Gold?

To answer the question of what is rose gold, we need to start with answering one of the most basic queries: “Is it all gold”? This is not a 100% gold product. Rose gold is a delicate mix of copper, silver, and pure gold. When combined, the copper and silver generate that beautiful pink color, which is the signature rose gold hue like with this Lady’s Rose Gold 14kt Pendant.

What Is Rose Gold Made Of?



To know what is rose gold made of, you should take a look at the specific amount of gold, copper, and silver that make up the substance. Rose gold jewelry does contain real gold, such as with the Rose 14 Classic Cuban Bracelet. The karat number indicates the “components” of gold in a single piece.


The more karat or pure gold it has, the higher its value. For instance, a 14-carat rose gold ring is made of 58% gold. While an 18-karat ring features 75% gold, like the Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring from Essex. But, if you want 100% gold, then you would look for a 24-karat ring.

Will It Tarnish?

When a piece of jewelry darkens, rusts, or loses its luster, that’s when the metals experience tarnish. It’s very easy to notice since it adds a layer of dirt, grime, and dark patches over your favorite adornment.

Luckily, rose gold will not tarnish. In fact, people love it because it ages well. The longer you wear it, the redder and darker the color becomes, which ends up adding a distinct vintage hue. This is a natural aging process that’s both gorgeous and practical.

Is It Really That Durable?

There is a reason gold is mixed with other materials. When blended as an alloy, it creates stronger and more durable jewelry. So, lower karats are often preferred by individuals who like durable jewelry. The fewer karats, the stronger the adornment will be. Depending on the product you’ve bought, the jewelry can last for a very long time.

How Do I Wear Rose Gold Jewelry With Other Jewelry?

If you want to pair rose gold with other jewelry, then I have a couple of options that would make a great addition to your collection. Start with layering. For example, a simple long moonstone pendant goes well with a shorter necklace.

Pairing it with a rose gold choker creates that wow factor. A rose gold layered necklace looks stunning with a beige look and other earth tones. But, if you want to add a little more flair, you can include a simple silver necklace as well.

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